The Women's Club Foundation Endowment Fund

The Women’s Club Foundation Endowment Fund has been established in partnership with the Community Foundation of Washington County for the purpose of preserving, maintaining and repairing our historic building and all that it represents to our members, tenants and the community.

Endowments are permanent funds to which gifts are given and the fund is invested to provide income. The principal is never invaded or borrowed from-only earnings from the fund are allowed to be distributed.

Maintenance of a historic building is ongoing and costly. The average annual maintenance is $16,000. The Women’s Club Foundation, Inc. enjoys status as a 501 (C)3 nonprofit charitable organization, making it possible to receive grants and donations toward this ongoing effort.

It is our hope that you will consider assisting us through our Foundation to help preserve our historic facility and the services we provide to our tenants and members.

Click here for our informational brochure.

Make a monetary donation by check or credit card to be deposited with the Community Foundation of Washington County.

Contribute $1921 (or more) between now and our 100th anniversary in 2021.

Click here to download a donation form.